Diverse and Multilingual Education

Diverse education opens up the children minds to endless new possibilities. Multilingual does not only teach them just more languages but a different way of thinking, exposing them to different cultures.  It develops more understanding and is a great asset to have in the global world.


Its a very good initiative. The aim to have a website for hindi lessons being taught at school is very welcoming. It is a result of a dedicated team of individuals who made the effort to implement ideas in action.  I am sure at some point it will expand to contain study material, and may be online learning. All the best to the present and future students. Enjoy Hindi !!!. Akhil Chandra, Director (Puresynth Technologies Pvt Ltd)

The Hindi lessons are being taught at Groningen Schoolvereniging (GSV), since November 2015 which adds one more aspect of diverse education possibilities at our school. The lessons are mainly organised  by Mr. Chander Soerdjan  who is a certified Hindi teacher. He has been engaged in teaching Hindi, including for formal certification, for several years in various parts of the Netherlands. He is supported by two assistant teachers named Mrs. Aradhna Ojha and Mrs. Sweta Singh who are both well-educated and native Hindi speakers. This helps us to effectively teach children at their own level to speak, write and listen. While the beginners’ group children are having fun learning the alphabets, words and songs, the advanced level children are being prepared for formal exams and first level certification in Hindi.

For the coming academic year starting 1 Sep 2016, the Hindi lessons will be continued each Thursday (15:15-16:15hrs). The lessons are open to all children of the GSV from the Gifted, Bilingual and the International department. 

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